Employment Ministry conducts investigation to ensure workers are paid rightful dues on time


The Ministry of Employment’s compliance team is conducting its investigation and inspections to ensure that workers are paid their rightful dues on time. Minister for Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations Jone Usamate has confirmed in a statement that a worker who is employed on any of the gazetted public holidays will be entitled to public holiday pay. Usamate says the worker must be at work a day before and after the public holiday and if they are unable to do so then they must provide a valid reason or a medical certificate. The Minister reiterated that the Employment Relations Act states that a worker must be paid in respect of each public holiday for the number

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Bama Companies invests in its people through employee wellness
July 2, 2016

Rather than just providing a discount on a gym membership or access to an employee assistance program, Bama Cos. took a holistic approach to employee wellness for its 900 Tulsa employees. “We want our employees to have good coverage that they can afford, but the second piece of that is the health and wellness part,” said Amy McKee, senior

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IRD proposal could mean tax on employee shares
May 16, 2016

A Dunedin tax expert is warning Inland Revenue is proposing a new rule which may mean the introduction of a capital gains tax on shares granted to employees. Dunedin Deloitte tax partner Peter Truman said Inland Revenue put taxpayers on notice there were "certain share schemes'' it felt were bordering on tax avoidance. Inland Revenue was

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